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Beginners to Advanced Training Classes And Courses

I run both regular monthly card classes and project workshops. Whether you are new to stamping or a seasoned papercrafter, there will be something that appeals to you. The current class schedule is detailed below. I am also able to run private classes for groups of friends, to undertake a specific project or learn a new technique - please contact me for more information.

Date  Time  Location Cost Notes
 13/01/20  1000-   1300  Northampton £34  Technique Class: Beautifully Braided
 03/02/20  1000-   1300  Northampton £48.50  Technique Class: Painted Poppies
 07-08/03/20  Weekend  Highgate House,   Northamptonshire  £336  Creative Escapes Weekend Craft Retreat
 09/03/20  1000-   1300  Northampton  £48.50  Technique Class: Peaceful Moments
 06/04/20  1000-   1300  Northampton  £45  Technique Class: Grace's Garden
 04/05/20  1000-   1300  Northampton  £45   order  Technique Class: Beautiful   Friendship
 25/05/20  1000-   1300  Northampton  £32.80  Technique Class: Birthday Jubilee
 08/06/20  1000-   1230  Northampton  FULL  Technique Class: Delicate Lace Dies
 15/06/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  £55.75  Technique Class: Blossoms In Bloom   ONLINE CLASS
 06/07/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  £38.50  Technique Class: Lovely You Bundle One     Sheet Wonder ONLINE CLASS
 27/07/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  £49.50  Technique Class: Arrange A Wreath ONLINE   CLASS
 17/08/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  tbc  Technique Class
 14/09/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  tbc  Technique Class
 03-04/10/20  Weekend  Highgate House, 
 £336  Creative Escapes Weekend Craft Retreat
 12/10/20 1000-1230  ONLINE  tbc  Technique Class
 09/11/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  tbc  Technique Class
 07/12/20  1000-   1230  ONLINE  tbc  Technique Class



"What a great way to spend an afternoon. Joanne made us feel completely at ease and introduced us to numerous new and interesting ways to use papers, stamps and punches to really bring our creations alive. Not to mention the ease with which she was able to suggest novel ways to further utilise our existing purchases. We were not placed under any pressure to buy more items during the course, but we all did; we can't seem to get enough!!!" - Kathy James.